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What is ICDL?

Computer literacy has evolved from a productivity enhancement tool to become the very foundation of many businesses. Literacy and specialization are no longer simply questions of enduser satisfaction, but a matter of preserving the integrity of business processes.

PCSF is very proud to introduce the International Computer Driving License (ICDL), a globally recognized certification that promotes digital literacy by enabling people to demonstrate their competence in computer skills in basic day to day applications.

PCSF has appointed Digital Data Corporation as the Exclusive Sub Licensee of ICDL in the Philippines.; email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

ICDL Mission:

• raising the level of IT knowledge and competency of all computer users;
• improving productivity at work;
• reducing IT support costs;
• enabling employers to invest more efficiently in IT; and
• ensuring that best practice and quality issues are understood and implemented.

ICDL is designed to help people both at work and at home. It confirms to potential employers that the person has a recognized, relevant and uptodate qualification. For those new to computers, the ICDL certification programmes will provide them with a solid foundation of computer skills helping them to competently and confidently use computers.

Many government offices have chosen ICDL to be a major certification requirement. The National Computer Center (NCC) has required all their staff to take the ICDL Certification Exams. Faculty members of state universities nationwide have started taking ICDL exams. Local Government Units have started offering ICDL not only to their staff but also to their constituents.

Various multinational companies require their staff to be ICDL certified both at the local and regional levels. ICDL has very strong recognition in the Arab Countries and in the United Kingdom. IT Certification helps in the evaluation of IT competence of prospective employees in the overall employment application process.

We believe that ICDL will play a major role in enhancing the computer efficiency of Filipinos to be globally competent.

The Benefits of ICDL

For the Individual:

• Internationally recognized relevant & up-to-date qualification, before further study or work
• Increases skills levels in essential IT and computer use;
• Improves job prospect and job mobility;
• Passport to higher level IT education;
• Enhances personal development and motivation.

For the School / Training Centre:

• Defines a new training cycle;
• Validates the existing training cycle;
• Increases effectiveness in both teaching and administration matters;
• Reduces PC support costs for schools;
• Results in faster payback on the school’s IT investments;
• Establishes a tangible benchmark for computer user skills and efficiencies.

For the Employer:

• Provides proof of the computer competency of existing and potential employees;
• Establishes a tangible computer skills benchmark for new employees;
• Reduces PC support costs;
• Brings faster payback on IT investments;
• Improves daily work efficiency and enhances productivity.

For Society:

• Gateway to the Information Society;
• Raises the general level of competency in computer skills;
• Promotes Digital Literacy;
• Facilitates job mobility & retraining;
• Enhances productivity.


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