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ICDL is the leading basic computer skills certification programme in the world because it is unique in possessing all the essential characteristics listed below:

1. Truly international, with a presence in approximately 150 countries and translated in over 40 languages.
2. With a global standard Syllabus and Tests, with proven global experience in organizing large-scale examinations (over 6million candidatesand 25million tests) that require the use
of computers.
3. Vendor independent certification programme that allows candidates to prepare and be tested on the software platform of their choice.
4. Regional headquarters presence and a National Operator (Licensee) in every country, in order to fully support the examinations locally.
5. Wide and diverse Approved Test Centre (ATC) network and established presence in every country (more than 25,000ATCs all over the world).
6. Implementation of an Automated Test Evaluation System (ATES) based on the simulation methodology, localizable for every language and country.
7. Implementation of a complete business solution for the administration of the examinations by means of a web-based Administration / Management Information System (M.I.S.) intranet and a public web portal.
8. Marketing plan for the rapid dissemination of the computer skills certification programme in every country, incorporating a variety of promotional materials.
9. Staff fully qualified on the implementation and administration matters of such a certification programme, with substantial relevant practical experience and expertise in the Information Technology (IT) education sector.
10. Implementation of internal quality control processes that safeguard the credibility of the examinations, including indicatively: (a) candidate identification check, (b) presence of invigilator during examinations, and (c) large Questions Test Base (QTB) that ensures in the case of a retake of a previously failed exam that the candidate will not be tested on the same questions.
11. Availability of Approved Courseware based on the current international syllabus of the certification programmes, customized for every country.


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