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The Philippine Computer Society is a premiere organization of information technology professionals with over 700 members nationwide.

PCS recognizes the invaluable contribution of IT to the advancement of our nation. Since its formation in 1967, PCS has spearheaded local and international activities which strive to continuously promote, protect and enhance the members of the IT profession. In 1978, PCS became a founder-member of the South East Asia Regional Computer Confederation (SEARCC). SEARCC is composed of the national computer societies from Australia, Hongkong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. PCS is also a founding member of the Information Technology Foundation of the Philippines (ITFP) organized last 1992.

Through its activities, PCS actively encourages all who are interested in or professionally involved in IT, to join the PCS. With its vision of continually pursuing excellence in the IT profession, PCS members will be assured of the advancement of promotion of their individual careers.

To be the IT organization of choice that moves members to pursue excellence in their individual professions.

The PCS is a venue that fosters sharing of intellectual resources, the pursuit of dreams and visions, and friendship and cooperation among IT professionals and practitioners.

Professional Excellence
PCS will be the lead organization that will uphold the highest level of professional behavior and conduct.

Technical Excellence
PCS will actively promote information-sharing and skills enhancement among its members.

Personal Excellence
PCS members will spearhead the use of IT innovations to enhance interpersonal relationships and improve the quality of life.

National Stature
PCS membership will be national in scope and character.

Contribution to Progress
PCS will support the development of a globally competitive Philippine IT industry.

Quality Standards
We are expected to attain the highest quality of both process and products of our professional work.

Expertise (Technical Knowhow)
We are expected to continuously improve our professional competence/skills.

Compliance with Laws
We are expected to comply with all existing laws pertaining to professional work in any country in which we practice.

Acceptance to Ethical Obligation
We are expected to accept our ethical obligations to assess social consequences and help insure safe and beneficial use of information technology.